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Industries Backpack Finally an urban laptop backpack that isn't meant for hiking a trail, but meant for crossing those avenue blocks in NYC (if you have to ask, you don't even know) on your daily grind.  This laptop backpack has industrial strength construction to take a beating, but has thoroughly thoughtful design like the unique bottle holders with securing leashes and the backside stash pocket. The generous pockets hold all your gear and the clever luggage handle pass-through is great for traveling.  We apologize if someone tries stealing your Industries Backpack, try not to blame them because it is a pretty sick backpack. Click images to enlarge Key Features 1. Urban styling 2. Heavily padded laptop compartment 3. Fits 11-15" Macs and most 10-16” PC laptops (included are movable snug-fit adjusters to keep smaller laptops from moving around) 4. Pleather wrapped top grab handle (that's right, pleather) 5. Pockets galore 6. Luggage handle pass-through 7. Generously padded shoulder straps and breathable backside pads 8. Dual side drink holders with securing leashes 9. Tough exteriors with eco-friendly TPE or PU backing 10. Limited lifetime warranty Specifications Exterior Dimensions/Weight/Volume 19"H x 13"W x 7"D 2lbs 1400 CU Laptop Capacity Mac's 11”, 13", and 15" Mac's (snugfit adjusters included) Laptop Capacity PC's (10-16”) Up to 15.5"W x 10.7"H x 1.5"D Reviews Macfeed Review (click here) Restles Tech(click here) NATE ALAMEIDA - JANUARY 10, 2012 I bought my Industries Backpack after about 6 months of research into backpacks of all types. After reading everything I could find on the topic, I elected to go with BBP based on durability and comfort. The backpack has not disappointed. I purchased it about a month before a three week backpacking trip in Ireland, and it performed admirably. It is not waterproof, but does a great job keeping out a light rain. There is more than enough room for your equipment as well. In Ireland I carried a MacBook Pro, DSLR, notebook, Ulysses by James Joyce (about 800 pages), charger, power adapter, pens, water bottle, as well as all manner of accumulated souvenirs. I hiked, walked, biked, and rode buses all around the country, and the bag was my constant companion. As a sufferer of constant lower back pain, the backpack's ability to put most of the weight on my butt made the load easy to carry. I have now owned the backpack for about 18 months, and I have to say I am eminently satisfied with it. After about 18 months my previous Samsonite backpack had lost two zippers and a shoulder strap had broken and been repaired by industrial staples. This is the most durable bag I have ever owned, and I daresay I think it will hold up for another ten years. BBP's customer service is top notch as well. When I received my bag there was some slight wrinkling at the seams, so I emailed customer service and they told me to send the bag back. They were great in explaining to me that this was not a manufacturing defect, and the seams would even out with use. They even steamed the bag before re- packing it and shipping it back overnight. The only other place I have seen such great customer service from is Zappos, and BBP is a much smaller outfit. Overall, if you decide to go with a BBP bag, you will not be disappointed. They're durable, they're backed up by great customer service, and your back will feel great no matter how far you wander through the Irish countryside. GAVIN - JANUARY 9, 2012 5/5 stars.  Best backpack I’ve ever owned.  MIKE - JANUARY 08 2011 @ 11:06 AM I travel a lot and this is the best computer backpack I have found. It is so much more compact than any other, but still carries everything I need. Plus, it fits on the handle of my roll-aboard bag when I walk through the airports. Two small improvements would make this bag perfect. In the main compartment, a third small zippered pouch above the other two would be nice to put things like USB thumb drives and SD cards. (The small exterior side pockets are okay for this unless you are using the side drink holders.) I'd also like have a divider in the main compartment to keep papers and magazines separated from the other items I carry. I wish I'd found this bag years ago! RICKY - MARCH 24 2010 @ 02:51 PM Just got my BBP Industries backpack in and I am very satisfy. Very nice bag with lots of pocket. Also very well padded. I give this bag a 5 star. DONOVAN - MARCH 05 2010 @ 08:15 AM oh so cool!! i got both the new industries model. They are just great. This backpack here is great for those who like the simple look yet pack with so much features. I like the not-too-complicated design...and ample space in both compartments. So love it!!! :) TODD FEIT - FEBRUARY 26 2010 @ 02:51 PM I'm not normally the type of person that carries a backpack because most of the laptop backpacks are bulky but I thought I would give the Industries Backpack a try as I have been a big BBP fan for many years. I still have my Hamptons Hybrid that has held up well over the year. The Industries Backpack has slim profile but holds a ton of stuff and protects my laptop. Looking at the backpack you would not think it holds as much as it does. I give the Industries Backpack 5 stars.
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