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Hauler Hybrid Messenger Backpack Got lots of books/gear?  The Hauler is for you; it's a simplied book bag version of the award winning Hamptons.  Still has the revolutionary Bak2Pak™ Carrying System (patented) that makes it the most ergonomic backpack on the market and also cleverly can convert to a convenient single strap.   The Hauler though is deeper at 8" to be better at carrying all your books/gear.  We also include a lightly padded laptop divider in case you need to throw in your laptop for a quick run to class or the local coffee shop.  Best of all, it's more affordably priced than our full blown Hamptons Hybrid. Click images to enlarge Reviews BBP Hybrid Hauler Bag ReviewBBP Hybrid Hauler Bag Review - As They Grow Up, June 2009 (click here) Review for the Hybrid Hauler (BBP Bags) - synergyistheidea, March 2009 (click here) ESTHER - AUGUST 27 2011 @ 11:04 AM I have had the Hauler for a couple years now. It's fantastic. Finally, a well proportioned backpack that lets me transfer the bulk of the weight to my HIPS! This completely eliminates the strain on my neck, shoulders, and back. Personally, I've never switched to the messenger arrangement of straps...but it's nice to know that I can. I've used this bag for everything - even going ballroom dancing! The two pockets inside the main compartment are perfect for holding my two water bottles upright and I have plenty of room for spare shoes and everything else. The only suggestion I have is to include a zippered pocket on the outer flap (or perhaps one on each side). That would be perfect for kleenex, maps, and other slim items that I need to access quickly. CHRIS VALENTI - APRIL 10 2010 @ 11:07 AM These are the best bags ever made. BBP has perfected the whole idea of what a bag should be. In a word: Perfection. 1. Orange inside so you can see techno things which are usually black. 2. Tuff, water resistant material. 3. Zippers inside out to be water proof. 3. Plenty of organizational pockets. 4. HYBRID...for messenger or back!!!! (This is great. In a city with crowds? Use messenger. Going to do some photo stuff? Switch to pack style and free your hands for shooting pics and your neck for your camera strap.) 5. Rides on lumbar!!!!! (Simply the most comfortable pack I've ever, ever used. It took 3000 years to add wheels to luggage, and even longer for a pack like this. It is pure brilliance.) 6. Laptop sleeve accessible without opening (Hampton Only) - This is great for airport security! You may find one or two of these things in a bag, but never all of them, and certainly not the hybrid, lower back straps. This is the greatest bag ever made. I hope they continue producing them. ANTHONY - FEBRUARY 17 2010 @ 12:18 PM This bag is very well constructed. Holds a lot of stuff and easily modifies. A couple of side pockets and a flap pocket might be very handy. But, i guess that is what the Hampton hauler is about. It would be nice if there were some umbrella straps. Maybe a Large size would be good too. Key Features 1. Revolutionary Bak2Pak™ carrying system (patented)        Multiple ways to carry (5)        - Backpack on both shoulders        - Backpack on one shoulder        - Single strap on outside shoulder        - Single strap across body and opposite shoulder        - Reinforced grab handle on top of bag 2. Laptop divider.  Light Laptop Protection. 3. Lumbar "bum" pads to cushion the bag against your lower back 4. Roll up tabs to reduce excess strap length on the shoulder straps 5.  Mesh padded straps to keep you comfortable and dry 6.  Sternum and waist straps for added support 7.  Loads of pockets for all of your accessories i.e. power cords, mp3 player, headphones, cell phone, PDA, CD/DVDS, etc. 8.  Key ring clip 9.  Water resistant   - Exterior/interior fabric made of high quality nylon  with water resistant backing 10.  BBP Limited Lifetime Warranty Specifications Exterior Dimensions and Weight Medium - 16"W x 11"H x 8" D - 2.2lbs Laptop Capacity Medium - up to 14.2"W x 10.5"H x1.5"D (15" Mac's and 15.4" PC's) Main Compartment Capacity Medium - 1400 cu in